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Summer Time Burger Bundle
The Summer-Time Burger Bundle includes 80 quarter pound of premium dry aged grass-fed ground chuck patties.  If your kids are anything like ours they'll be wanting burgers every night after they've tried their first one.

Family Ground Beef Bundle
The Large Family Ground Beef Bundle includes over 24 lbs of premium dry aged grass-fed beef.  A fan favorite with ground beef you'll never run out of options and you will aways have a quick go each Tuesday with tacos or when Summer fun keeps you away from home.
Taco & Fajita Bundle
The Taco & Fajita Bundle includes 10 packages of ground beef, 5 packages of stir fry and 4 big packages of Carne Asada.  If your family is like ours and Taco Tuesday just isn't enough, you'll find the whole family will love Fajita Friday as well.

Family Staples Bundle
The Family Staples Variety Bundle includes over 25 lbs of premium dry aged grass-fed beef, with 12 packages of ground beef, and an assortment of Right Lane Ranch cuts - including steaks, roasts, stir fry and carne asada. This bundle can be customized just for your family!

Summer Time BBQ
The Summer-Time BBQ Bundle includes 6 of our most popular cuts to mix and match.  We let you build your own bundle, just tell us if you'd prefer Brisket, Tri-Tip, Rib Eye, T-Bone, New York, Tenderloin, Chuck Patties, Korean Ribs or Carne Asada for your barbecue or smoker and we'll build your box for you.

The Private Reserve Steak
The Tenderness Bundle includes 20 Premium Rib & Loin Steaks.  You will get a mix of Tenderloin, Rib Eye, New York and T-Bone Steaks.  With our most popular steaks you'll be prepared for any special occasion with these amazing cuts. It's a very long and care taking process to get the marbling and tenderness that our Private Reserve Steaks have, so supplies are very limited of these Private Reserve Cuts.
What It Means To Support Right Lane Ranch
Our Mission
At Right Lane Ranch we deliver the healthiest Oregon raised Grass-fed beef to Pacific Northwest families. We do this in a way that supports our neighboring ranchers and helps them to continue their heritage.
Keeping Ranching Heritage Alive
With the average age of the rancher at over 65 years old, the changing of hands of land will lead to most family ranches closing over the next 10 years unless something is done soon.  This is expected to be the largest changing of hands of land since the Louisiana Purchase.  The Campbell Family actually has 4 ranches which will face these legacy decisions over the coming years as well.  We are not only providing more profitable options to our neighboring ranchers, we are showing ranchers around the country what we've learned in gaining over 2,500 customers in one years time to become more profitable in today's ever changing economy.
Perfectly Natural Real Food | High In Omega 3s & CLAs
Thoughtfully Stewarding the Land & Animals
Tender Beef + Delicious Flavor in Every Bite
Healthy People, Healthy Planet
Hey there!

Ever heard of Kimberly, Oregon?  It's okay if you haven't, the population is currently 0 with 150 people within a 10 mile radius. 

I'm Nate (38, I spent most of my life in Kimberly and wanted to be like my hero (grandpa Tom) when I grew up, I love fishing and tacos).

The gal next to me is Julie (34, she wanted to be a fighter pilot when she grew up, but the recruiter told her, "If you do that you likely won't have a family." so instead she chose to be a wife and mom. (good choice :)) Julie loves fishing and tacos)

The girls are Olivia (9, she wants to be an adventurer and horse trainer when she grows up, she loves fishing and tacos) and Millie (6, she wants to be a farmer when she grows up, she loves to adventure and horses as well, oh and of course she also loves fishing and tacos). 

Kimberly has been a part of my family for five generations since my Great-Grandpa Patrick purchased the land we live on in 1949. Along with my Grandpa Tom they brought thousands of sheep here and raised sheep here for two decades before switching to cattle.

 Kimberly is an unincorporated town along the picturesque John Day River Valley and this property wasn't actually their first choice, if you've ever heard of Cotton Wood Canyon State Park, that was.  Patrick had everything ready for the purchase of that ranch and the owner never showed at the bank in The Dalles, so they kept looking the Cimmiyotti family was selling this property.
This barn and our house are the only structures still standing which were here in 1949.
The ranch is now owned by my dad and several other family members and managed by my brother Brian.   I began watching from a far 5 years ago, while working my high paying career as a Financial Analyst with Caltech up in the city.  For me it was clear that it was likely the ranch wouldn't be in our family in another 10 years unless something drastic changed.

So I picked up a book called "How To Not Go Broke Ranching" read it and shared all that I had learned with my family.  This began an education in ranching, ranching finance, Grass-fed beef, environmental science and holistic land management which led to my current passion.

I was doing all that I could to help influence change from afar, with all that comes with raising a family, working a demanding job and commuting 2 hours a day.  Seemingly it was making little impact.

Then one day while shopping in the mall I asked Julie who grew up outside Portland, why are there so many teenagers in the mall, they don't seem to be shopping. Are they just hanging out here?  When she responded yes, I asked is that the life you want for our girls and she said no...

A few months later we found ourselves living in a camper on 160 acres of bare land outside Spray Oregon which is in the least populated county in Oregon (Wheeler).

We had lofty dreams, lots of ambition and no clue what we were doing.  We knew the life we wanted for our family wasn't in the city, so we decided to take it into our own hands and create it.  We stayed in Spray for 3 years when we sold the 160 acres and moved our family to the home where their great grandpa Tom started his family at in 1949.

At almost the same time our neighbor Michael sent me a text and asked if I wanted to buy a quarter of grass-fed beef from him. Coming off a successful Solar Eclipse event where we hosted over 500 people camping on our land, our entrepreneurial spirits were high.  I had been wanting to start selling grass-fed beef direct to customers for a long time, so I called him.

It wasn't long, before we had agreed that Right Lane Ranch would be purchasing two steers from him in July, we then started calling other neighbors and got the ball rolling. Then in late February 2018, we began offering The Healthiest Oregon Raised Grass-fed Beef direct to families in and around Oregon.  

We believe the reason Right Lane Ranch Grass-fed Beef needs to be on dinner tables around Oregon is that we just don't know what we are getting at the grocery store any more, nor what it is doing to our bodies. It blows me away that now 85% of the grass-fed beef sold in the US is from international sources, yet consumers and ranchers are unaware.

I've found that I love teaching and want to inspire ranchers as well as future generations to keep their family heritage for generations to come. We are taking the lessons we continue to learn in this journey and using them to help other ranchers to become and stay profitable for years to come.

We've quickly grown in this short year of business and recently came to realize that our passions fall Not in serving the masses, but in Building A Community With Values Similar To Ours.  We are working towards building a nationwide community of families who support their local American Ranchers.

We feel we are starting a movement and are excited to have you sitting in the passenger seat with us.

All our best,

Nate & The Campbell Family at Right Lane Ranch

At Right Lane Ranch, Our Mission is to deliver The Healthiest Oregon Raised Grass-fed Beef To Families In And Around Oregon. We will do this in a way that supports our neighboring ranchers and helps them to continue their heritage.
Can I choose my cuts?
Yes! Simply send us a message on Facebook here or shoot us an email letting us know you'd like to customize your bundle.
Can I skip a delivery or cancel my plan?
Yes to both. All our Ranch Club shipments are sent out the third week of each month and you are welcome to schedule your shipment monthly, every 2 months, even every 3 months, if that works best for your family.
Where do you deliver?
We deliver will either personally deliver to your community or ship directly to your homes in and around Oregon.  States we are currently serving include Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Northern California and Utah!
Can you ship my order to multiple homes?
Yes! For just $40 in shipping we can divide your bundles to multiple households.
How do I recycle shipping materials?
Easy! Our cardboard boxes, bottles and jars are fully recyclable in your curbside bin. Box liners are compostable / recyclable at select facilities and meal bags and cooling packs can be recycled where you bring your #4 and #5 plastics. 

Or simply include a book in our packaging materials and send it to us using media mail.  We'll donate the book and reuse the shipping materials.
Have other questions?
Drop us a line! Click here to contact us.
"These people are really passionate about there business and what other place wouldn’t you love in supporting than them. There company is amazing I would highly recommend them!"

Valerie Oakley
Pasco, WA
Best Hamburger EVER! I never had to drain extra fat/grease - there was none! Thank you guys for being so flexible, easy to work with and producing an amazing product!

Misty Staebler
Carlton, Oregon
"Absolutely incredible owners -and AMAZING meat!!! So so good!! Wow! I was gifted some - and I can’t wait to try more! So so good"

‎Stormie Van Patten
Bend, Oregon
"I can't say enough good things about Right Lane Ranch, The beautiful Campbell family, and last but certainly not least their amazing product! I can honestly say I had never tasted grass fed beef, and boy oh boy what a treat. We could taste the difference in the first bite, so much flavor even without seasoning. and no grease in the pan after cooking! Every time I have spoken with Nathan he has been so nice and kind, and I just love seeing Julie and him in their posts. Fun Fact Friday had become one of our favorites 😊 Keep up the amazing job Right Lane Ranch, we will be back."

Christina Ondrozeck
Redmond, Oregon
With Your First 
Right Lane Ranch Club Shipment!!
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